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For the women who are ready to put "me" on the top of their priority list 

Discover how to unlock your optimal health to finally feel and look your BEST without diets, restriction or unrealistic wellness methods

The proven roadmap for building a holistic health toolkit so that you can have the most energy and vibrancy you’ve ever felt


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A note from Kati:

If you’re anything like me a few years ago, you likely have put your own life on hold and told yourself, “I can really start living my life once I lose the weight/get control of my stress/have more time to focus on exercise/finally get more willpower, etc." The list is probably getting longer by the day, and with it, the cycle of guilt for not feeling comfortable in your own skin.


Your energy is tanked most of the time, you're not getting the sleep you really want, you're holding onto excess weight you've tried to lose through various diets, and you're one stupid email or toddler temper tantrum away from total burnout on any given day.


You know there has to be a way to feel better, but it feels like an impossible mountain to climb with all your other obligations. You're tired of restriction and beating your body up with exercise while not actually seeing the results you want. I hear you. I was you. 


Here's the thing: it's not your fault. It just isn't. Between our diet culture culture, hustle culture, lack of fundamental health education and abundance of unhelpful diet/fitness fads and media coverage, it's no wonder you feel discouraged. We didn't learn these tools. We just didn't. 


The good news? You have a choice to choose to improve your health through education and support that actually works. Because your health is your most precious asset, the source of abundant energy you absolutely can have and the drive for how you show up in the world every single day. You can finally let go of the worries of the short-term and long-term effects of harming your body by committing to yourself and prioritizing you, starting right now.


It's time to quit dieting for good and learn how to rebuild your health from the inside out.


Can you imagine... 

- Never counting another calorie and deleting your tracking apps 

- Feeling energized all day long

- Increasing your metabolism and burning more fat while eating the foods you love

-Feeling fully rested each day when you roll out of bed 

- Not spending hours at the gym and actually enjoying movement

-Stressing less and feeling more joy


The Nourish to Flourish Framework

The 90-day virtual group coaching program helping women master their metabolism to burn more fat, increase energy and decrease stress without sacrificing foods they love. 

If you're looking to be in your best mental + physical shape, you're in the right place!

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"Kati is genuine and offers a guide to encourage living and being more efficient in our own bodies, all while gaining community!"

"This course was designed with passion! Kati is genuine and offers a guide to encourage living and being more efficient in our own bodies, all while gaining community!

It can be so overwhelming to navigate through the resources available online to “better” ourselves. This course will guide you through a structured outline, educate you along the way, and allow things to resonate in a more meaningful way through group conversation."

McKenzie T.

"I'm stronger than I have been in years, both physically and mentally!"

“This course is utterly amazing! I am blown away. Thank you for developing this because it just might save my life! I feel like I've gained an entire new toolbox in which I can tackle so many challenges every day. I'm moving my body! I'm stronger than I have been in years, both physically and mentally! I've experienced weight loss, strength, knowledge, confidence, courage, friends, trust, and good habits. Her concept is brilliant, once you understand how your body works, what it needs and the ways you can care for it, the sky is the limit. Loved every minute of it!

Once I started understanding how to actually make a goal, track it and by making small, easy changes in my daily activities I was empowered in a way I never have been. The way Kati speaks is so easy to understand. Her willingness to listen and problem solve is unmatched. She genuinely cares about the health and well being of her clients and it shows. She is fabulous!"

Kandy D.

"This course is the key to healthy living, longevity and the joy of life. "

"Thrilled to get back to prioritizing myself again! Lost one size! Feel great, sleep better without melatonin. And I meditate every morning now! This course is the key to healthy living, longevity and the joy of life. Taking this journey with others provided accountability with compassion.

Change comes with acknowledging the you, you want to be. Feeding your body, mind and soul with other like minded people makes it an adventure with great results! Kati will support you to the new way of nurturing and nourishing yourself.

Thanks for giving me permission and support!"

Mary S.

See What's Waiting For You Inside Once You Become a Member

Your Why + Goal Setting

Uncover Your True Motivator for Lasting Health Results

Dig into your "why" and create realistic health goals for your time in the Nourish to Flourish Framework and beyond. Plus, learn about holistic health and why taking biopsychosocial approach to your wellbeing is how you'll reach your optimum health.


Using Food as Medicine, Not as a Guilt-Trip

Say goodbye to diets, restriction and overwhelm. We're going back to the basics to uncover how your metabolism works, how your body uses the foods you eat, and how you can support your metabolism to stay in the fat-burning zone all day long. 

Realistic Nutrition in Practice

Getting Really Real About Nutrition and Also Having a Life

Set yourself up for success by creating the environment and rituals that will help you fuel your body with fresh, nutrient-dense foods. Plus, learn how to take your new nutrition knowledge and apply it to vacations, weekends and meals out.


Unlock the Key to Everyday Energy

Learn why hydration is crucial to your body and how much water you really need to drink every day. Hint: this might be the most under-utilized health tool!


Learn Which Types of Exercise Actually Matter And Which Are Actually Sabotaging Your Desired Results

Move over, hours of cardio. Master the strategy of movement for fat-loss and never do workouts you don't enjoy again.


The Secret to Keeping Your Body In Balance and Functioning Optimally

Discover how the immune system functions and how it helps to protect your body. Plus, learn about modalities that will help you bolster your immunity throughout the year.

Cognitive Health + Stress Management

The Truth About What Stress is Doing to Your Body and How to Ease it ASAP

Take tried-and-true stress management strategies and implement the ones that work best for you. Plus, learn how to support your brain health and avoid crippling diseases in the future. Find rituals and routines that help you stay grounded, focused and clear-headed.

Sleep + Recovery

What Your Fitness Gurus Aren't Really Sharing About Recovery

Dive into the importance of sleep for your body. Take stock of your sleep hygiene and make adjustments to get your best night's sleep. Plus, we'll discuss other types of recovery like foam rolling, stretching and more.

Mindset + Mindfulness

The Single Most Important Tool to Actually Make Huge Shifts in Your Health

Develop the skills to be more present, practice gratitude daily, envision and strive for your ideal future self, and attract the joy you want into your life.

This course is for you if you...

- Want to ditch dieting forever and still burn fat and feel amazing

- Want to be able to live life, eat your favorite foods, take vacations and eat out without obsessing about food or exercise

- You want to stop beating your body up with tons of exercise

- Want to boost your immunity to keep illness at bay and get more restful sleep more often

- Need tangible ways to manage stress and overwhelm

-Are curious about how mindset work, mindfulness and Chinese Medicine methods can help you feel your best

As a Member, You'll Receive

Training Portal

You'll get lifetime access to a training portal with more than 20+ videos and trainings that we'll be learning from throughout the course. In addition, I'll guide you through worksheets and weekly activities, and you'll get access to downloadable PDF handouts like food swaps, seasonal produce lists and more!

Live Coaching Calls

Each week we'll have a live group coaching Zoom call with me where I can answer all your questions, coach you in real time, and walk through the week's activities. Plus, we'll have opportunities to hear from special guest speakers, coaches and practitioners!

Private Community

You'll be invited into our private Nourish to Flourish Facebook community group. Get instant access to your N2FF community for support and insights, ask all your burning questions for me with quick turn around answers, and get personalized check-ins and resources throughout the course. 

Welcome to the Nourish to Flourish Framework

Your pathway to your most vibrant self. Are you ready?!









Meet your coach

Hey, I'm Kati!

I'm a certified holistic nutrition and health coach, and the founder of the Nourish to Flourish Framework. After years of struggling with yo-yo dieting, burnout and exercise overwhelm, I put in some serious work to understand my metabolism, take care of my mental wellbeing and feel great in my own skin. Now I help other women do the same by taking a holistic approach to improving their health.

My mission is to help women ditch dieting for good, understand their minds and bodies better, and thrive on their own journeys to optimal health.

“Kati and the way she teaches is so approachable, which really nice to see in a world where so many wellness initiatives feel like I'm in a museum where I can't touch anything and I don't belong there.”

"Kati is uplifting, understandable, down to earth, practical, friendly, energetic, MOTIVATING, like-able, friendly, intelligent, well spoken, open, honest, caring, kind. She has a way of explaining something that lets you know you can do it."

"Kati is dynamic! She's intuitive and supportive of each individual. She knows her stuff and is in touch with how she can be of service with a willing heart."

"Kati is genuinely excited to help those around her and motivated by the progress her clients are making. Some people don’t get gratification from the success of others, but this is a must for a coach and her passion shows through!"

Your health is your wealth

$5 lattes. The latest skin care line. Ordering dinner in for the third time in a week. You get it... we spend money every day on things we think will make us feel and look good. 

But when it comes down to it, your #1 asset is your health. Investing in taking care of your body, mind and soul is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Prioritize your health now and I promise you won't regret it.

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